Become a GSA Senator!

Thinking about running? There are 3 senate positions open in English. Go for it!

The responsibilities of a senator include :

1) Attending and representing the department during periodic GSA meetings (1 Sunday afternoon meeting a month, 2 in September)

2) Serving as a liaison between the graduate students and the GSA by relaying information presented in meetings.
3) Volunteering time to help with the planning and coordination of graduate student events. (1 GSA social event, 1 volunteer event, and 1 departmental event a semester)


1. Any member of the GSA who desires to run for any elected position, and who satisfies the qualifications (see Constitution for requirements) for that position, shall send an e-mail to the Graduate School at for verification of eligibility with a statement of his or her intent to run for the office or position.

2. The statement shall not exceed one (1) page in length, shall contain the nominee’s name, the position desired, and the qualifications.

3. No candidate may run for more than one office during an election period.

Verification of Nominations:

1. The Graduate School will verify that each nominee is in good standing and is eligible to hold the position desired. A list of the approved candidates will then be given to the Secretary of GSA for election purposes.

2. An eligible nominee is defined in the Constitution and is decided by the Dean of the Graduate School.

3. A nominee who does not meet these requirements shall be notified in writing that his or her nomination has been declined.

4. This decision cannot be appealed because eligibility is at the discretion of the Dean of the Graduate School.

5. Write-In Candidates are also allowed but will also have to go through an eligibility check by the Graduate School before being allowed to campaign or take office.


1. As soon as a nomination has been verified as eligible and the nominee’s statement has been posted, the nominee becomes a candidate and may commence campaigning for the sought after office. No nominee may conduct written campaigning prior to this time.

2. Write-in candidates may not engage in any written or electronic form of campaigning until officially approved by the Graduate School and GSA Secretary.

3. Each candidate is responsible for the clean-up of his or her campaign materials.

4. Campaign materials must be completely funded by the individual candidate.


Write an e-mail to:

OR see our website:

Submit your intent to run for a GSA Senate position

From August 26th to September 1, 2011


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