EGSA Elections

It’s that time of year–EGSA officer elections! Nominations are due by Fri. April 13th and elections will take place shortly thereafter. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for an officer position please email Omer Kazmi. Also please see the list below for a description of the various officer positions and responsibilities.

President: Meets with faculty, GSA officers, and Graduate School administrators (mainly Dean Haggerty) to lobby on behalf of English graduate student needs & reports on English graduate students’ achievements; Acts as a liaison between students and faculty; Helps out other officers if problems arise; Attends required Alcohol Awareness Meetings
Vice President: Assists the president with the above mentioned responsibilities and stands in for the president when needed

Treasurer: Keeps a record of our budget & spending; Reimburses EGSA officers for events & expenses; Acts as a liaison between EGSA and the Business Office 

Secretary: Records & circulates (via email) EGSA meeting notes

Social Coordinator: (2 Coordinators are Needed as this position is one of the most demanding EGSA officer positions) Plan & execute social and professional development events (includes ordering food, setting aside spaces for such events, & contacting any speakers); Professional development events are often a joint event between EGSA & the English Department (and so discussing such events with the Graduate Adviser, Dr. Stevens is also a part of this position); Keeps a record of these events & attendance

Webmaster: (Must be familiar with WordPress) Updates the website pages frequently as needed; Posts events on the blog; Solicits & manages news from graduate student body to publish on the website; Manages the EGSA conference page.

All Officers: Occasionally meet with visiting students and take them out for a meal & answer their questions (for you these meals are free); Clean the graduate student lounge on a rotating schedule; Help plan & execute philanthropy 


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