TU EGSA Conference 2017: “Dusting Off the Archives”

This past weekend, we at TU EGSA were overjoyed to have our multidisciplinary graduate conference. This year’s theme, “Dusting Off the Archives”, was chosen by our conference directors, Megan Gibson and Amy Pezelle. Events were started on Thursday October 19th with a round-table discussion regarding archival work, which featured Drs. Dennis Denisoff, Jeffrey Drouin, Laura Stevens, and Ms. Keija Parsinnen. Our keynote speaker was Dr. Emily C. Friedman of Auburn University, who spoke about her work in creating a digital archive for unpublished manuscripts written in the long 18th century. We had a number of panelists speaking on a number of topics relating to archives “in the broadest sense”, and many questions were raised regarding what we define and what we can/should do with an archive. To round off our meditation on archives, we had representatives of the academic journals working at the University of Tulsa (managing editor of the James Joyce Quarterly Dr. Carol Kealiher, Megan Gibson in her role of Book Review Editor for Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature, and Carlos Acosta-Ponce to represent the Modern Journals Project) speak about the use and production of archives relating to journal work.

Special thanks to Amy and Megan for directing the conference, Drs. Jennifer Airey, Lars Engle, Randall Fuller, and Laura Stevens for helping Amy and Megan realize their vision through assistance and insight, Dr. Friedman for giving the keynote speech,  our panelists for both roundtables, as well as the National Endowment for the Humanities for providing additional funding. Additionally, many of our graduate students who participated in planning the event: Lily Coleman, Seungho Lee, Steven Maulden, Chelsea Mullins, Laurel Taylor, Laura Thomas, Onyx Zhang, Dayne Riley, and Marie Sartain.

Included below are JPEG and PDF versions of the conference program.

Program Schedule


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