News & Events

Social Events
  • February 23, 6-9pm: Movie Night, Loving Vincent
  • March 9, 6-9pm: Movie Night
  • April 20, time TBD: End-of-year party
Professional Meetings
  • February 28, 12-1pm: “Job Market” with Dr. Airey
  • April 13, 12-1pm: Master’s Degree project presentations and party
  • TBD: Bellwether Fellowship panel
  • TBD: “Publication” with professor TBD
Social Events
  • September 22, 6-9pm: Movie Night, A Knight’s Tale
  • November 10, 6-9pm: Movie Night, Wonder Woman
  • September 7, 12-1pm: EGSA Philanthropy info session
Professional Meetings
  • October 16, 12pm: “Effective Conferencing” with Dr. Jackson
  • October 19-21: TU EGSA Graduate Conference, “Dusting Off the Archives”
Professional Meetings
  • February 13, Monday, Noon: “Navigating the Classroom in a New Political Era” with Drs. Airey and Jenkins
  • February 17, Friday, 5:00: Bellwether English Panel
  • February 27, Monday, Noon: “Exploring the World of Publication” with Dr. Denisoff
  • March 27, Monday, Noon: “Taking Advantage of the Digital Humanities” with Dr. Drouin
  • April 7, Friday, 4:00pm: Professional Event with Dr. Fuller


  • March 9, Thursday, 12:30-1:55: Volunteer Event at Central High School
    • contact Annie Paige ( to volunteer

Social Events

  • February 10, Friday, 6:00pm: Movie Night
  • March 10, Friday, 6:00pm (subject to change): Movie Night
  • April 28, Friday, Time TBA: EGSA End-of-Year Party
Professional Meetings 
  • February 3, Wednesday, Noon: Omer Kazmi – Seminar Room
  • February 24, Wednesday Noon: Ashley Schoppe – Seminar Room
  • March 4, Friday: Dr. Stevens – Faculty Study
  • March 23, Wednesday, Noon: Mark Rideout – Seminar Room
  • April 1, Friday: Dr. Airey – Faculty Study

Social Events

  • February 19, Friday: Remembering Dr. Kestner Movie Night
  • April 8, Friday:  The Big Lebowski Movie Night with Dr. Jenkins
  • April 29, Friday: End of Year Bowling at the Dust Bowl
Professional Meetings/ Spring Career Forums – Zink Seminar Room
  • 10 February, Noon: Composing an Effective Writing Prompt. Speaker: Dr. Engle
  • 24 February, Noon: Exam and Prospectus Preparation. Speaker: Dr. Airey
  • 10 March, Noon: Creating and Maintaining a Professional Internet Presence. Speaker: Dr. Latham
  • 14 April, Noon: Careers Outside of Academia. Speaker: Dr. Stevens
Social Events
  • 2 February, 4 PM: Super Bowl Party at Stewart’s house
  • 21 February, 7 PM: Bowling at the Dust Bowl
  • 26 April, 4PM: End of the Year Party at Ryan’s house

A new year and a new semester. Send EGSA (via email) news of your academic achievements throughout the year!


For information on past year’s officers, events, and news you can scroll below or click on one of the following pdfs: 201220112010


EGSA Officers & Conference Organizers

President, Mark Rideout
Vice President, Lindi Smith
Secretary, Linda Hudson
Treasurer, Clint Mohs
Social Coordinators, Ashley Schoppe & Kate Williams
Webmaster, Robert Yeates
Faculty Adviser, Dr. Robert Jackson
Conference Directors, Ashley Schoppe & Lindi Smith

2013 News & Events


Matthew Kochis was accepted to attend a workshop, “Building a Digital Humanities Center,” hosted by MLA and DHCommons at the MLA convention in Boston. He will also be chairing a panel, “Beyond Fiction: Other Genres in Lawrence’s Works,” at this year’s MLA convention.


EGSA held its first social event, a Superbowl Party, on February 3.

Oxford UP editors Kevin Dettmar and Brian O’Neill came to campus to discuss academic publishing and about turning a dissertation into a book, on February 20.

EGSA held a Spring Career Forum on conferences, given by Dr. Robert Jackson, on February 25.


EGSA held its second Spring Career Forum on teaching difficult texts, given by Dr. Randall Fuller, on March 4.


EGSA Officers & Conference Organizers

President, Omer Kazmi

Vice President, Lindi Smith

Secretary, Ashley Schoppe

Treasurer, Mark Rideout

Social Coordinators, Jami Barnett & Samantha Extance

Webmaster, Samantha Extance

Senators, Laura Hensch, Matt Kochis, and Karen Woolie

Conference Directors, Ashley Schoppe & Lindi Smith

2012 News & Events


Congratulations to this year’s Bellwether Dissertation Fellows: Jennifer Fuller, Kristen Gravitte, Young Hee Kho, Matthew Kochis, and Kristen Marangoni!

EGSA held a seminar on “Financial Investments: What You Can Do Now.” Thanks to Jami Barnett for organizing this special event!


EGSA held a Spring Career Development lecture on “Editing, Compiling, & Contributing to Essay Collections.” Our guest speakers were Dr. Sean Latham and Matthew Kochis.

EGSA held its Spring Teaching Literature Series: “Teaching Literature-Teaching History: How Do you Know When Enough Secondary Source Material is Enough?” We thank Dr. Jennifer Airey for being our guest speaker.


Matthew R. Vaughn presented his paper “‘One Could Become Accustomed to Murdering’: Gertrude Stein, Dashiell Hammett, and the Making of Hard-Boiled Modernism” at the Northeast Modern Language Association convention in Rochester, New York.

Samantha Extance’s creative project, to create a steampunk jewelry piece for each episode of Ulysses was accepted for  Liberate Ulysses! Congratulations Sam, we look forward to seeing your work unfold. Read more here.

EGSA held a Spring Workshop on Creative Writing Publication. Thanks to Dr. Claudia Nogueira, Dr. Grant Matthew Jenkins, and Eilis O’Neal and Dr. Diane Burton & Nimrod International Journal for talking to us!


Congratulations to Kristen Marangoni who received an honorable mention for her paper “Marginalized Modernisms: Reading Beckett’s Doodles to Reinterpret his World” at the 14th Annual University of Tulsa Research Colloquium!

EGSA Elections were held. Congratulations to next year’s officers: Mark Rideout (President), Lindi Smith (Vice President), Linda Hudson (Secretary), Clint Mohs (Treasurer), Kate Williams (Social Coordinator), Ashley Schoppe (Social Coordinator), and Robert Yeates (Webmaster).

Congratulations to Omer Kazmi who was elected GSA President and to Karen Woolie who was elected GSA Secretary!


Congratulations to our graduates: Laura Hensch, Lindi Smith, Barbara Woodfin, Tara Aveilhe, and Jennifer Krisuk!


Matthew Kochis presented a paper on “What Can the Modernist Versions Project do for Joyce Studies?” at the XXIII International James Joyce Symposium hosted by UCD and Trinity College at Dublin, Ireland. His paper was about the “Year of Ulysses” Initiative. He also was accepted into a 5 week seminar funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities to study Ulysses in Dublin, Ireland. He and 15 other participants took advantage of the novel’s setting to better appreciate and understand Joyce’s modernist text. A portion of his travels were funded by TU’S Student Research and Travel Grant.


EGSA held its fall workshop, entitled “Applying for Research Grants.” Dr. Jennifer Airey was the speaker at this event.

Omer Kasmi gave a paper at a seminar for the XIV Modernist Studies Association, held at Las Vegas, NV, titled “Modernism as Addiction: The Sound and the Fury as an Addictive Text.”

Matthew Kochis chaired a panel, Theorizing Digital Modernism, at the Modernist Studies Association. He also presented a portion of his dissertation, “A Queer/’s Narrative: Reading the ‘Other’ Modernist Bildungsroman,” at a seminar entitled Sex and Sexual Modernity.


EGSA held a professional workshop entitled “I’ve Got the Degree, Now What?” Drs. Tabatha Hibbs, Karen Dutoi, Irina Strout, and Barbara Woodfin shared their post-PhD experiences and answered questions about life after grad school.

EGSA held its second professional development session. Dr. McAlear discussed how to manage revisions in a writing course.

Matthew Kochis was accepted to attend a workshop, “Topic Modeling in Humanities Research,” funded in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities at the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities. He was also invited to deliver a lecture on Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway at West Texas A&M University.


Matthew Kochis was nominated to be an Executive Committee Member Officer by the current president of the D. H. Lawrence Society of North America. Elections will be held by the society in January. He was informed that he is an alternate to receive a travel grant from MLA to attend this year’s convention in Boston.


EGSA Officers & Conference Organizers

President, Samantha Extance

Vice President, Melissa Antonucci

Secretary, Kate Williams

Treasurer, Mark Rideout

Social Coordinator, Kristen Gravitte

EGSA Webmaster, Samantha Extance

Senators, Tabatha Hibbs, Leslie Newton, and Laura Hensch

Conference Directors, Melissa Antonucci & Kate Williams

EGSA Conference Committee, David Chandler, Kristen Gravitte, Carl Nery, Lexi Stuckey, Melissa Antonucci, Kate Williams, Ashley Schoppe, Lindi Smith, and Samantha Extance

 2011 News and Events


Congratulations to Tara Aveilhe, Patrick Belk, Tabatha Hibbs, Jennifer Krisuk, Matthew R. Vaughn, and Barbara Woodfin upon receiving Bellwether fellowships!


EGSA held the first of its many March seminars! Jennifer Chapman-Fuller gave a talk and demonstration on “Using Your Personal TU Webspace to Create a Professional Website.” Thank you Jenn!

At the 19th Century British Women Writers Conference Jennifer Krisuk presented her paper, “Women’s Education and the Realm of Art: Reclaiming Spaces of Learning in Anna Jameson’s Diary of an Ennuyée.” Jen received a Chapman Travel Grant from the University of Tulsa to deliver her paper.

Graduate Student Appreciation Week occurred in March this year. Thank you GSA, Dean Haggerty, Hope Geiger, and GSA VP and English graduate student, Lindi Smith for organizing this weeklong event.

EGSA held its 6th Annual Graduate Student Conference. Thank you to our conference directors, Melissa Antonucci and Kate Williams. Thanks also to the conference committee and Sandy Vice. Now for a note on our TU presenters, Jennifer Krisuk presented her paper, “The Imposing Female Presence in Film Adaptations of British Imperialist Adventure Fiction”; Jennifer Chapman-Fuller presented her paper, “Alone Again, Naturally: Isolation and Landscape in Conrad”; Tara Aveilhe presented a paper titled, “Flights of Fancy: American Aestheticism in The Lark, 1895-1897″; Ashley Schoppe presented a paper on “The Jane Austen Book Club and Negotiating the Limits of Happiness”; Tabatha Hibbs presented her paper, “When the Bedsprings Talk: An Examination of Language and Noise in ‘Circe’”: Rebecca McClure presented her paper, “Polyvocal Politics: The Crisis, the Great War, and the New Negro”; Carl Nery presented his paper, “Speeding Toward Nature: The Pursuit of a New Pleasure”; Kristen Gravitte presented a paper titled, “‘To take hold of the whales bodily’: The body of the Whale and Human Knowledge in Moby Dick“; and Samantha Extance presented her paper, “Popular Culture in the Composition Classroom: Disney, A Case Study.”

Congratulations to Lexi Stuckey and Samantha Extance for being awarded their prestigious positions as book review editors for Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature and the James Joyce Quarterly, respectively.

Congratulations to Matthew Kochis who won first place in TU’s Women and Gender’s Studies Essay Contest for his paper titled, “‘Phallic Letters, Passive Readers, & Excessive Passion: The Relationship between Readers and Writers in Love in Excess.” Congrats also to Ashley Schoppe who won honorable mention for her essay, “The Wronged Daughter is Vindicated: Feminine Disobedience in Ann Radcliffe’s The Romance of the Forest.”

EGSA held a Spring Career Forum on Academic Publishing. Dr. Robert Spoo, from TU’s Law School, Carol Kealiher, Managing Editor of the James Joyce Quarterly, Matthew Kochis, Project Manager of the Modernist Journals Project, and a representative from Special Collections participated in a roundtable discussion on publishing in the academe.

At the Society of Early Americanists Seventh Biennial Conference, Jacob Ball delivered his paper, “A Nice Indian Pudding: Indian Corn and Mock Heroic as a Recipe for a Nation,” for which he received a Chapman Travel Grant. Congratulations Jacob!

At the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, David Chandler presented his paper titled, “Invisible Walls: control and Disgust in Cronenberg‘s eXistenZ.” David received a Chapman Travel Grant to deliver his paper. Congratulations David!

At the Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies Meeting, Jennifer Fuller delivered her paper, “Beyond Goldfitters: Defining Landscape in Thomas Hardy‘s Wessex,” for which she was awarded a Chapman Travel Grant. Congrats Jenn!

At the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Annual Conference, Lexi Stuckey presented her paper titled, “The Equivocal Embrace: George Colman‘s Inkle and Yarico.” Lexi received a Chapman Travel Grant to deliver her paper. Congratulations Lexi!

One of our graduate students, Lindi Smith was featured in Urban Tulsa Weekly‘s article, “Typecasting in T-Town” and interviewed about her novel, Yerp. Click here to access the article, and here for more on Yerp! Congratulations Lindi! We all can’t wait to pick up our copy of your book!


EGSA held a professional development seminar on applying for fellowships. Nona Charleston, TU’s Director of Nationally Competitive Scholarships, and Dr. Jennifer Airey directed this seminar.

Matthew Kochis attended the Women Writers Project Seminar’s Advanced Topics in TEI: Contextual Information at Brown University. Matt was awarded an NEH Travel and Tuition grant to attend this seminar. Congrats Matt!

At the Southwest Texas Popular Culture Association & American Culture Association Conference in San Antonio Samantha Extance presented her paper, “‘writing in mepetition’: A Creative Writing Approach to Teaching James Joyce’s Ulysses.” Sam received a Chapman Travel Grant from the University of Tulsa to deliver her paper; Matthew R. Vaughn presented his paper, “‘Strong Medicine’: Gothicism, Sadism, and Modernism in the Shudder Pulps”; and Patrick Belk presented his paper, “Breaking the Pulp Code in John Buchan’s Mr. Steadfast.”

Matthew Kochis attended a TEI Seminar sponsored by the Women Writer’s Project at Brown University. Matt also received an NEH grant to attend this seminar. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Jennifer Krisuk for winning TU’s Outstanding Teacher Award and Kent Emerson for winning TU’s Outstanding Tutor Award.

EGSA held its annual elections. Thanks to this year’s officers (Samantha Extance, Melissa Antonucci, Kate Williams, Mark Rideout, and Kristen Gravitte) for all of their hard work and service. Next year’s officers are: Omer Kazmi, President; Lindi Smith, Vice President; Ashley Schoppe, Secretary; Mark Rideout, Treasurer; and Jami Barnett & Samantha Extance, Social Coordinators.

At the Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies Conference, Jennifer Fuller presented her paper, “Beyond Gold-Filters: Defining Landscape in Thomas Hardy’s Wessex.”

At a Regional Graduate Student Literature Conference on Revolution, Ashley Schoppe presented her paper, “The Presence of Anne Boleyn in Elizabeth Cary’s ‘The Tragedy of Mariam” for which she also received a Chapman Travel Grant. Congratulations Ashley!


Dr. Lavaughn Towell, one of our post-doctoral fellows, gave the keynote lecture at Northeastern State University’s conference. Their theme was “Expanding the Academic Debate.” Congratulations to Lavaughn!


In Victoria B.C. , Matthew Kochis attended the annual Digital Humanities Summer Institute and participated in the Digital Editions seminar. His trip was funded by TU’s Research Grant for Students and the Modernist Journals Project.

At the North American James Joyce Conference at the Huntington Library in Pasadena, several budding Joyce scholars were in attendance. Kent Emerson delivered his paper, “An Odyssey of Affirmation: Problematics in Ulysses”; Samantha Extance presented a paper titled, “‘Education is all very fine and large …’: James Joyce’s Scenes of Teaching”; Laura Hensch delivered her paper, “Joyce’s “Superpbosition”: Multi-Dimensional Reading in Finnegans Wake”; Tabatha Hibbs presented an excerpt from her dissertation, “When the Bedsprings Talk: An Examination of Language and Noise in ‘Circe’”; Omer Kazmi presented his paper, “The Painful Case of Eating: Duffy, Dinner, and Death”; Matthew Kochis chaired his panel and presented his paper, “James Joyce and Modern Dentistry”; and undergraduate, Kathyrn Webb presented a paper, “Through the “Linkingclass.” Congratulations to Kent, Laura, Omer, and Tabatha for receiving a Chapman Travel Grant to deliver their papers.



Congratulations to Matthew Kochis on his most recent publication in the D.H. Lawrence Review! Check out his article: Kochis, Matthew J. “Lawrence’s Kangaroo: De-Establishing the Double Bind of Masculinity.” D. H. Lawrence Review 36.1 (Spring-Summer 2011): 1-13.


Congratulations to Matthew R. Vaughn for receiving the James and Sylvia Thayer Research Fellowship which allowed him to conduct dissertation research on the pulp fiction magazine Black Mask at UCLA’s Charles E. Young Library.

Congratulations to Matthew Kochis for receiving a travel grant from the Modernist Studies Association to attend this year’s conference in Buffalo in October. Matt will be presenting a paper titled, “The Irish Crisis; Or How the Irish became Black Again.”

Congratulations to Samantha Extance for receiving a graduate student prize from the International Rebecca West Society. Samantha will be presenting her paper, “Giving Passion to

the Spectacle: Rebecca West’s The Return of the Soldier and its Ballet Adaptation,” at the Fifth Biennial Rebecca West Conference in New York in September.


Congratulations to Keri Austin, a recent MA English graduate, who has been appointed Academic Advisor at the City University of Seattle in Seattle, WA!

At the Fifth Biennial Rebecca West Conference in New York, Samantha Extance presented her paper, “Giving Passion to the Spectacle: Rebecca West’s The Return of the Soldier and its Ballet Adaptation.”

EGSA held its first “Teaching Literature Series” aimed toward discussion and instruction of various pedagogies & teaching strategies. Dr. Jeff Drouin talked to graduate students about implementing Digital Humanities in the classroom. Thank you to Dr. Drouin for your participation.


Jennifer Fuller received a Chapman Travel Grant to present her paper, “Moving Missions and Novel Settlements: Early British Pacific Propaganda,” at the Midwest Conference on British Studies in Terre Haute. Congratulations Jenn!


Jennifer Fuller was awarded a Routledge Annotated Bibliography of English Studies Travel Grant and Chapman Travel Grant for her paper, “‘Savage Gentlemen’: Charles Dickens and the Civilizing of the South Pacific,” which Jenn presented at the Victorians Institute Conference in Myrtle Beach. Congratulations Jenn!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Thanksgiving Food Drive to support Kendall-Whittier families! Happy Thanksgiving!


Congratulations to our December graduate, Lindi Smith upon the completion of her Masters degree!

Thank you all for your generosity! EGSA raised enough funds to grant our Kendall-Whittier family’s Christmas wishes. EGSA bought 2 bicycles, a tricycle, makeup, a blow dryer, hair straighteners, & toddler toys!


EGSA Officers, Senators, & Conference Organizers:

President, Jacob Ball

Vice President, David Chandler

Treasurer, Jennifer Chapman-Fuller

Secretary, Lexi Stuckey

Social Coordinators, Jennifer Krisuk and Samantha Extance

Senators, Melissa Antonucci and Leslie Newton

EGSA Conference Director, Samantha Extance

EGSA Conference Committee, Melissa Antonucci, Jacob Ball, David Chandler, Kristen Gravitte, Jennifer Krisuk, Kristen Marangoni, Lexi Stuckey, Kate Williams

5th Annual EGSA Conference

Conference Theme: Space, Place, & Travel in Literature

Keynote Address: Delivered by Dr. Ann Brigham, Associate Professor of 20th Century American Literature and Women‟s and Gender Studies at Roosevelt University

Faculty Lecture: Dr. Claudia Barbosa Nogueira

2010 News and Events


EGSA held their 5th Annual Graduate Student Conference. The theme was “Space, Place, and Travel in Literature.” Our keynote address was given by Dr. Ann Brigham, an associate professor of 20th Century American literature and Women‟s and Gender Studies at Roosevelt University. This year‟s conference also included a creative writing lecture which was delivered by one of TU‟s writers-in-residence, Cheryl Pallant.


President Upham declared that April 12-16th was Graduate Student Appreciation Week at TU!

Several TU graduate students were inducted into Phi Kappa Phi. Congratulations to Kristen Gravitte, David Chandler, Matthew Hepler, Jennifer Chapman-Fuller, Tabatha Hibbs, Jennifer Krisuk, and Lexi Stuckey.

Dr. James G. Watson, Frances W. O‟ Hornett professor of English Literature and renowned William Faulkner scholar, passed away. A service was held in Sharp Chapel on April 5th to honor his memory. Dr. Watson was a beloved professor and a champion of graduate student rights. His enthusiasm and love of literature was infectious.

At the Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association Conference in Albuquerque, Kristen Gravitte presented her paper, “„A Sound Almost Human‟”: Voices, Voicelessness, and the Animals in Faulkner‟s As I Lay Dying.


Congratulations to Matthew Hepler, Kristen Gravitte, and Samantha Extance for their publication in the ninth edition of Stylus. Matthew Hepler‟s “Icarian Fall” won second place for Best Prose; Kristen Gravitte‟s “A Family History in Huntersville, N.C.” won third place for Best Poetry; and Samantha Extance‟s “The Horizon of War and Peace” won third place for Best Prose.

The month of May brings graduation! Congratulations to David Chandler, Matthew Hepler, and Paul Zintgraff upon receiving their masters‟ degrees! Congratulations also to Philip Davis, John Huculak, Irina Strout, and Lavaughn Towell upon receiving their doctoral degrees!

Congratulations Sara Beam for receiving the Bellwether Fellowship to continue work on your dissertation (on child criminality in Victorian literary and legal narratives)!


At the XXII International James Joyce Symposium in Prague Matthew Kochis presented a paper titled, “Joyce and Lawrence: Unveiling Erotic Iconography in the Modernist Bildungsroman” and Alexandra Yancey presented her paper, “Examining Joyce‟s Receptive Horizons: The Forgotten Voice of Cyril Connolly.”


Jennifer Krisuk received a Student Research Grant and a Chapman Distinguished Ph.D. Career Travel Grant from the University of Tulsa to attend the Victorian Society in America’s London Summer School.


Matthew Kochis was made Project Manager at the Modernist Journals Project. Congratulations to Matt!


Senate elections were held and two English graduates, Laura Hensch and Tabatha Hibbs, were nominated and won! Congratulations!

At the 31st Annual Meeting of the T.S. Eliot Society in St. Louis, Matthew R. Vaughn presented his paper, “„You Cannot Value Him Alone‟: The Waste Land in its Magazine Context.”


October, 27 2010: Matthew Kochis was invited to be a guest speaker for the Owen Lecture Series at Lynchburg College in Virginia.

At the Midwest Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference in St. Louis Kristen Gravitte presented her paper, “The Woodchucks of Walden: Thoreauvian Attitude Toward Animals and the Human Place in Nature”; Amanda Boling presented her paper, “A Sliding Scale of Evil: Vampires in the Twilight Series”; David Chandler presented his paper, “„You think it‟s a happy beat?‟: Kinetic, Verbal „Othering‟ and Bebop Jazz in Hughes‟ Montage of Dream Deferred”; Matthew Hepler presented his paper, “Teaching Us to Mourn: The Boys of

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and The History of Love”; Philip David presented his paper, “The Coen Brothers’ Pastiche of Place: The South in O Brother Where Art Thou?”; Elena Williams presented her paper, “Good Fooling: Changing Depictions of the Joker as a Reflection of the American Psyche”; and Kristen Marangoni presented her paper, “Collecting the Painful Past: Black Americana and American Memory,” as part of a panel on Collecting and Collectibles.

At the Seventh Biennial Conference of the Charles Brockden Brown Society in San Marino Melissa Antonucci presented her paper, “‘Am I not a Lover of Liberty?’: Revolution and Female Transvestism in Lewis’ The Monk and Browns’ Ormond.”

At the Faulkner and Morrison Conference in Cape Girardeau, Matthew R. Vaughn presented his paper, “A Magazine of That Type”: Faulkner’s Modernism and the Shudder Pulps.”


At the XII Modernist Studies Association in Victoria Matthew Kochis presented a paper titled, “The Decay of Patriarchy in the Modern Ghost Story,” as a part of the Modernist Death(s) Seminar; Leslie Newton and Barbara Woodfin participated in a seminar on the “Reception of Late Modernist Writing by Women”; Allie Blair and Patrick Belk participated in a seminar centered on “Marginal Modernisms: Texts and Paratexts”; James Bachman and Tara Aveilhe participated in a seminar on “The Print Media Ecology of Modernity:, 1880-1922: Transnational Networks and Periodical Communities”; Alexandra Yancey participated in a seminar on “Modernist Death(s).”

At the South Atlantic Modern Language Association in Atlanta Kristen Marangoni presented a paper titled, “Fashioning the Self: Faulkner‟s Subversive Women and the Cult of Southern Domesticity,” as part of a panel on the Varieties of Domesticity in 20th Century American Literature.